Long Beach Shear Rhythm salon review.

Although I was living in Long Beach for quite a while, I couldn’t see any decent beauty salons around. They did have some advanced saloons inside malls, but they have had two major problems. The first problem was price. In malls they charge with and without any reasons. I guess that has to do with the fact they have to pay out for their monthly rents or something. Then again, as they are all the established brands, they’ll be actually paying for the brand name. As a result, the money that you pay to hairdresser will be distributed like this: something like 10% will go to hairdresser and 90% will be gobbled by the company.

Another major problem is the queue. I’ve never saw an actual saloon inside the mall that would have no queue. I don’t even mention that it’s hard to park near malls, and may take like 10 minutes of roaming all around just to find a place for your car. Then it will take you about the same time walking inside the mall and climbing to the top floor, because all the beauty salons are located at the top floors. In Long Beach this is really a huge problem and sometimes it just makes me want to scream. Though as I am in public I have to hold my emotions… Just to discover the damn queue.

It will go like that, a reception lady will tell you: “Hi, how are you doing? Welcome to our beauty salon!” and then you’re like, yeah thanks. Then she will ask you what you want, haircut or maybe a manicure? Then she will write down some chicken scratch notes and tell you to sit down and wait. The problem is, she will never tell how long you need to wait. Excuse me, I actually have a work, and you know I cannot wait all day. Yet, everyone has to wait, especially these who want to be beautiful – sigh. Usually this takes like 30 minutes, at least.

Recently though, I have stumbled upon a new long beach hair salon and behold, I found out that it’s really easy to park in their place, as they have their own parking dedicated to salon customers. I’ve checked the prices and they were good, the reception lady didn’t make me wait. So what can I say, this salon has made my day, maybe you also want to visit it sometime, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it too.