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10 Must Have Power Tools For Your Garden

10 Must Have Power Tools For Your Garden

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When the weather’s nice, there’s nothing better than enjoying some quality time outdoors in your very own garden. But gardens require maintenance, and unless you’re paying someone else to do the hard work, it’s down to you to keep your garden in tip-top shape. While some see gardening and garden maintenance as chores, others enjoy the opportunity to spend time outside doing healthy, physical work. But regardless of whether or not you enjoy getting your hands dirty in your garden, there are certainly tools around that can make your life a lot easier. Here are our top 10 choices.

1.      Strimmer / Weed trimmer

Take the hassle out of weeding with a battery-powered strimmer, perfect for clearing large patches of weeds, as well as keeping the edges of your lawn clear of any paths, edges and vegetable or flower patches. The new generation of strimmers are lightweight, so easy to manoeuvre. They also have quieter engines so are more pleasant to work with. If you’ve never owned a strimmer before, you’ll be amazed. It really makes previously difficult, annoying jobs a breeze.

2.      Garden Auger

This handy attachment attaches to a drill and is used to dig holes in the ground – perfect for planting bulbs! You can also get bigger augers designed for digging holes for larger plants and even trees. Yes, you could dig holes with a trawler or a shovel, but why sweat when you don’t have to?

3.      Lawnmower

The obvious must-have garden power tool for anyone with a lawn. Almost too obvious to mention, but there is really no substitute for a good lawnmower. There are, of course, plenty of options on the market – petrol, electric, riding mowers, variable speed mowers, etc. As this article is not specifically about lawnmowers, we won’t go into them here, but you can learn more about them on Lawn Mower Lane.

4.      Hedge Trimmer

Easily shape and even sculpt your shrubbery with this handy power tool, available in gas-powered, corded and cordless models. Battery-powered cordless models are the most eco-friendly and are also the easiest to work with, but tend to be more expensive. Still, it’s wort investing in a good quality tool that will last you for many years.

5.      Leaf Blower

Hate raking leaves? Who doesn’t. A leaf blower will take the sting out of one of the most hated garden chores so you can concentrate on doing the things you enjoy instead. There are handheld models that are lighter and easier to work with, but also larger backpack-style blowers that are handy when working on larger areas.

6.      Chainsaw

Got trees? You may need a chainsaw to control them by removing branches or even a whole tree if it’s sick or damaged. Like other tools, they can be petrol-powered or electric / battery powered. It’s important to pick the right chainsaw for the sort of work you think you’ll be doing. If all you’re going to do is prune some medium-sized branches, there’s no point investing in one of the larger models.

7.      Electric Pole Saw

Great for chopping off small to medium-sized branches overhead in hard to reach areas. You can choose between different lengths, as well as different blade sizes, so make sure you choose one that’s right for the sort of trees you’re dealing with in your garden.

8.      Power Washer

Easily wash away dirt, grime, pond scum and even bird droppings with this handy power tool that makes cleaning your garden a breeze. Perfect for washing your decking, paved areas and patios. You can choose between cold washers and hot washers and also between electric and petrol-powered.

9.       Electric Edger

For that wonderful manicured lawn look, an edger does a much better job than a strimmer, because it’s much easier to control a blade than a cutting string. If you have serious lawn ambitions, this is definitely a tool worth investing in.

10.     Tiller

Save time and hassle when preparing the ground for plating by using a tiller. There are two kinds of tillers: front-tine tillers and read-tine tillers. These are perfect for using on medium to large areas with hard soil. If you’re looking to work in smaller areas with wet soil, a cultivator will do the job just as well.

Activities for Your Spare Time

Activities for Your Spare Time

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No matter who you are, most of your life is going to be consumed by either school or work. In the beginning, you spend hours on end developing your education to one day to something significant with your life. This, basically, lays the groundwork for the next chapter: work. Then, for the next 30, 40, or 50 years you will spend nearly the entirety of it breaking your back working. Sounds like a wonderful life, does it not? If you are not in love with your employment, this makes it quite essential to take advantage of the minimal spare time that you will have. The old adage “life is short” is 100 percent accurate, so you might as well spend your life doing activities that you enjoy; as you can never get that time back. However, what do you want to do when you are not working or building your education? Although these activities will not be for everyone, hopefully, most can take something out of this.

Video Games

When you initially read this, depending on your interest in the niche, you may imagine soldiers sniping each other or a protagonist wandering around in an open-world environment. Do not be fooled, though, as video games are more diverse than they appear. Sure, you have your first-person shooters and open-world genres. But, video games can be as simple as partaking in a game of Candy Crush. The video game world is filled with loads of different genres and can appeal to anyone.

You can play them on the go, on your laptop or even on your television screen. There are sports, action-adventure, platforming, fighting, role-playing, online, Tetris-based, racing and party games, among others. For those of you who are skeptical that you could enjoy yourself doing this, try some free games online. Then, if you start to grow fond of them you can expand to consoles or handhelds. This is a new hobby that has limitless potential, as video games remain one of the most popular forms of media in the world.


There is probably a good amount of you that already sing in your spare time, you just do not acknowledge it. Albeit in the shower or when you are listening to your favorite tunes, chances are you have caught yourself singing along. However, have you ever thought of developing that into a hobby? Now, you do not have to aim to become a worldwide phenomenon but just to let loose and enjoy yourself. If you really starting feeling ambitious, you could begin to record covers of your favorite songs; and listen to the playback to see if you are any good.

Now, there are a few ways you could go about this. One is to just sing with your natural voice with no other equipment. The other, and probably better, way is to invest in a microphone. If you had any interest in recording yourself, this would output a better sound. The trouble you may run into, though, is that there is a numerous number of spectacular microphones. However, as Microphone Geeks illustrates, the Heil PR35 seems to be a great choice, for anyone interested.


“Golfing, why would you not just mention sports, in general?” Chances are, you asked yourself a question like that as soon as your eyes glanced over this next entry. The reason why just golfing is documented here is because unlike many sports, this is one that can be enjoyed without depending on other people. There is no doubt about it, it is more entertaining when you are accompanied by your friends and family. But, if you only had a limited amount of spare time on your hands you could easily go out by yourself.

However, what is so appealing about the sport of golf? For one, you get to enjoy the beautiful scenery around you. Secondly, it is a tough art form to master and once you do, it is an invigorating feeling. Do not let anyone tell you otherwise, golf is an incredibly difficult sport. To become successful at it, you must be willing to spend countless hours partaking in it.


This entry will probably accommodate for more people than any other entry will. There are so many amazing sights and sounds around the world that it is nearly impossible for one person to see everything there is to offer. So, it is a smart idea to narrow down to the most prominent places you would like to visit. Make it your goal to visit there at least once in your lifetime. But, traveling does not have to be as extravagant as going to a famous location.

Spending your time traveling can be as simple as driving a couple of hours away from your place of residence to visit a city you are unfamiliar with. There does not have to be a rhyme or reason for doing so, either, just to experience different scenery. The biggest issue with this form of entertainment is that money can be a catalyst to not doing so. Depending on where you plan on traveling, it can cost a great deal of money to do so. An idea is to save up a little money each week and then at the end of the year, travel somewhere special.


This is, without a doubt, the simplest activity that you could ever partake in. It is fair for you to wonder why this would have any appeal at all. Outside of the obvious, that walking is a great way for you to get exercise, walking is a great way for you to free your mind from all the stresses of your life. As life is not exactly an easy endeavor, you will experience heartache and stress at some point.

In addition, some jobs will leave you stuck inside all day, and it is nice to just go outside and get some fresh air. It may seem too simple to spark any excitement, and while it is not the most intriguing activity you will ever partake in, but it is a great way for you to “get away from the world”.

“Life sucks and then you die.” Have you ever heard that quote before? This can become true if you do not find good ways to spend your free time. In your lifetime, you will get such little spare time and you can never get it back. Do your best to make each second of it worthwhile, as this is what will keep your engine going day in and day out.