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How to Plan Your Dream Wedding on a Budget

How to Plan Your Dream Wedding on a Budget

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Got a wedding to plan? With the cost of weddings continuing to climb, brides-to-be are always searching for tips on how to save money. But, if you thought planning a wedding on a budget means sacrificing quality or style, think again! Here are some thrifty tips on how create the day of your dreams for less!

Determine your budget

All wedding planning has to begin with setting a realistic budget. Sit down with your partner to discuss how much you want to spend on your big day. Take your savings and pre-existing debt into account. How important is a big, fancy wedding to you as a couple? Discuss what you really want for your wedding and come up with a budget which fits in with your goals. If your family have offered to pay for something, decide what you should put the money to. Ideally, you don’t want to have to go into debt to pay for your wedding, so think carefully before you opt to pay for any part of your wedding with credit.

Curtail your guest list

When you’re looking to save money on your wedding, limiting your guest list is the best place to start. Opting for a smaller wedding can make it a more intimate and special affair for you and your guests. Consider inviting just your closest family members and dearest friends. Having a shorter guest list also automatically slashes the overall amount you’ll need to spend on catering services.

Get a great wedding photographer

When it comes to being thrifty with your wedding budget, the photography isn’t something you want to skimp on. High-quality, professional wedding photographs are a must. They’re something you and your friends and family can look back on fondly for years to come. Hiring a professional wedding photographer is certainly worth the investment. If you’re looking for a skilled wedding photographer, check out the work of Blue Bend Photography: – have a look.

Be creative with your venue

If you’re planning a summer wedding, holding it outdoors is a reasonable option. Outdoor weddings are usually cheaper. There are numerous locations to choose from including: parks, gardens, beaches, mountains, lakes, and greens. While many outdoor locations will be free for you to use, others may require you to pay for a permit, which you’ll have to do research into. The other great money-saving benefit of outdoor wedding locations is that they require very little decoration! If you have enough room, you could even throw your wedding in your own home.
Alternately, if you have your heart set on an indoor venue which turns out to be quite pricey, consider changing the month of your wedding. Since summer weddings are most desirable, venues and other wedding vendors put up their costs during this season. A spring, fall, or winter wedding can bring the cost down drastically. You can go even further and hold your wedding on a Friday or Sunday — or even a weekday — rather than a Saturday, which is always most expensive day.

Simplifythe menu

When it comes to planning the menu for your wedding reception, think simple. Extravagant and complex meals are bound to cost more, and are also unnecessary when cheaper, simple food can be just as delicious and filling. Ideally, a three-course meal is enough for guests (no one really needs more food than that). Since you already have a substantial wedding cake, it makes sense to serve this up as dessert. You may also want to budget for hors d’oeuvres to keep guests satisfied before the main meal. Limit the selection to just a few options to keep the cost down.
Put the above simple tips into practice, and you’ll find it easy to stay within budget while planning your wedding. As you make the decisions regarding what to include and what not to include on your big day, keep in mind what’s really important to you. Remember you wedding is just one day — a very special one, granted. But it’s your marriage that lasts a lifetime. Ultimately, it’s more important that you and your husband are there together to make your love official — think of everything else as a nice bonus!
Dealing With Back Pain in Wheelchair Users

Dealing With Back Pain in Wheelchair Users

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Similar to sitting in a normal chair for long periods of time, using a wheelchair for extended users leads to the development of back pain. Human bodies arent designed to remain in a seated position for long periods of time because this leads to the development of back pain issues.

Many wheelchair users think that just because they use wheelchairs on daily basis, it is amust that they suffer from neck and back pain. This isnt true. With proper postural procedures and placing close attention to the skeleton, we can avoid the many musculoskeletal problems that occur in wheelchair users.

How Does Back and Neck Pain Develop in This Group?

The purpose of the wheelchair is to help the user move around more easily. However, many people forget something else about the wheelchair it is also used for stability and as a substitution for missing or weak muscles when sitting or performing an activity.

For most people, slumping back in the wheelchair and sliding the buttocks forward in the seat helps you be comfortable, but it leads to the development of pain problems. The kind of wheelchair you choose also helps or make the problem of back pain worse.

The conventional wheelchair that is available for many users comes with a backrest that rarely goes beyond the upper back with a 90-degree backrest angle. This results in the buttocks sliding forward and the neck of the user to move forward. Proper posture isnt possible when the wheelchair has this configuration.

Users have found a way to increase the stability of the chair by reclining the backrest or tilting the chair backwards in space. This helps put the lower back against the backrest, but it also pushes the neck forward which puts a lot of strain on the neck muscles, leading to neck pain.

Why You Need an Adjustable Back Rest

When it comes to proper posture, whether you are standing or sitting, you need to maintain proper spinal curves. Maintaining the normal spinal curve involves less muscle strength and activity. With the muscles working less, pain and fatigue reduce.

This is why you need an adjustable backrest for your wheelchair. Keeping the back seat angle at 90 degrees and lowering the height of the backrest just below the upper back, and the bottom of the backrest providing support to the lumbar region provides the optimum position for utmost comfort.

This also works for electric wheelchair users. Make sure you set up the chair to allow normal spinal curve. You also need to support the lower back at all times.

Avoid Bad Postural Habits

You need to avoid poor posture habits while performing some activities such as keyboard positioning and more. Make sure you follow best practices when working.

For high wheelchairs, you can use accessories to achieve the proper spinal arch. For instance, check out get these pillows for proper neck support.

Final Thoughts

Take time to get the right wheelchair for your needs, possibly one with an adjustable backrest. Follow the tips in this article to improve comfort as well as avoid back pain.

How Restaurant Owners Can Use Instagram

How Restaurant Owners Can Use Instagram

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Food is an essential part of every human being. Proper dining spots, good food and exciting drinking places are among the top concerns the world over. People love to read what other people are eating and drinking, where to find good food and services. Instagram as a visual site encourages members to take photos and short video clips to share them with others.

Restaurants can use this platform for different marketing objectives, because many people love taking pictures when eating, having a drink or celebrating. This kind of user-generated advertising is free and effective. But how can you leverage this kind of marketing in your restaurant?

Take Photos of All Aspects of Your Restaurants Operation

Take numerous photos of desserts, entrees, appetizers, the staff members, ambience and what happens behind the scenes. You can take photos of the staff as they serve your customers, and videos of the food preparation process. Make sure to include brief captions on each post to ask for feedback or to add more information regarding the photos.

Have Signature Beverages

Instagram makes the perfect platform to share images quickly because it doesnt involve copy. All you need to do is to take photos of the best drinks from your bar and encourage the customers to try them out. Describe the drinks in short videos and use images to tell the buyer why they should visit the restaurant to try out the specials.

Quality Is Everything

When it comes to taking the perfect shots, timing is usually everything. However, when it comes to images for Instagram, quality comes first. You need to take crystal clear shots that will add value to your Instagram marketing efforts. Clear pictures are vital because they make it easy for you to communicate an idea.

Hold a Contest

You can encourage your customers to take photos while in the restaurant and post them, awarding the customer who comes up with the best caption. An award can range from a meal coupon to a free meal. The more photos that are taken, the more business you are likely to take.

You can have an award depending on the creativity, quality of the photo and any other criteria you see fit. Campaigns and contests are some of the top ways to encourage sharing of your photos.

With thousands of photos getting shared comes the problem of handling the views, likes and comments. You need the best automation program for this site, and you can get one from

Share with Other Sites

Dont just leave the photos on Instagram; take time to find other sites and forums that you can share the images on. The best sites to do this would be social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Such sites help generate traffic to your website easily, leading to more customers.

In Conclusion

You can build your restaurant the right way using Instagram. Restaurants can take advantage of the visual nature of Instagram to get more customers and build a brand.