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Getting a Car Seat For Your Toddler – Must Have Tips

Getting a car seat for your toddler is a matter that can’t be taken without any consideration. The safety of young kids precedes any other factor when considering to buy one. That’s the reason you should be completely informed in this respect. Check out the following seven tips you must have to get the safest car seat for your child.

Tip #1: Make Sure the Car Seat Complies with Safety Standards.

1-17-2015-3-25-11-PMAll car seats sold on the market must have the JPMA stamp on their boxes. Make sure the one you are buying has one. Usually, it is better to buy newer models as they generally use new technology that makes it safer than older models.

Tip #2: Notice its Expiration Date

22222_toddlerAlmost all new car seats have a 6-year expiration date. Make sure the one you are buying has a label containing the date in which it was manufactured, and the model number. Don’t ever buy a seat from a second-hand store or even accept a used one from a friend or relative unless it was bought recently. Hands-me-down seat chairs are a big no-no.

Tip #3: Comfort

carseatThe better your toddler feels, the less he will cry when sitting in the car. You want to provide your child with a comfortable product so the ride will be enjoyable for both of you. Check out the coziness of the material before buying and use your mother’s instinct to decide if your kid will like it!

Tip #4: Choose the Most Appropriate Type of Chair

child-carseatBasically, there are two types of car seats available, an infant, and a convertible car seat. The main advantage of an infant car seat is that it can be taken out of the car at ease. The disadvantage is that it will not work after the baby grows – usually, after he or she is one year old or so. Buying a convertible car seat is cost effective in the long-term, as its design makes it functional throughout your toddler’s first years. The bad thing, though, is that it is fixed in the car. This means you won’t be able to take the chair out when carrying the baby elsewhere.

Tip #5: Make Sure it has a 5-point Harness

CO4rpkXWcAAClDXA 5-point harness is designed to increase the child’s safety. It’s so safe that it’s the one used in NASCAR competitions. On top of having a 5-point harness, also buy one that’s whose buckle’s is easy to latch. This way, you won’t have to spend a lot of time in the adjusting process.

Tip #6: Look for Protection and Head Support Features

A baby doesn’t have the force to have his head in a comfortable position. If your toddler is less than one year old, you should buy an insert to place in the chair to provide a head support. An Energy-absorbing foam will also ensure your baby is optimally protected in case of an accident. Visit the manufacturer’s website to check up their safety claims.

Tip #7: Have an Expert Check Your Car Seat Installation

best-heated-seat-cover-for-carsYou can install the car seat yourself by following the instructions or watching tutorials on YouTube. Nevertheless, always consult an expert to make sure it was done correctly. The local police or the fire-fighting department will usually have one. This step of the buying process is very important.

Finding the best car seat for your toddler is no easy job but I hope this article helps you getting a long way towards that goal, don’t shy away from reading some toddler car seat reviews as well!
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Mixing up your home workout

Mixing up your home workout

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Some people seem to think the moment they have bought an exercise bike that they’ve done the hard work when it comes to getting fit. They carry it from the car to the back room, wipe their brows and pat themselves on the back. It looks great just there. I might have a go on it tomorrow, I’ve already had enough exercise for one day. Time for a beer and a burrito while I watch Everybody Loves Raymond repeats.

And the exercise bike stays there, pretty much unused, and you continue to get bigger and bigger and struggle with everyday life. “Why don’t you do some exercise?” ask those around you. You seem surprised. “I got the exercise bike at home, don’t I? What more do you want me to do? Carry it on my back as I run up Mount Tammany? Give me a break. Pass me another donut already.”

Then there are the guys who don’t leave their exercise bikes alone. They do a couple of miles before breakfast, another one before work. They come back and hop on it again before they eat dinner. Then they plonk it in front of the TV and ride all through their favorite TV show, with the phone in one hand as they call their friends at the same time. “I don’t know how I’m not getting smaller. I’m on this thing the whole time!”, they say. Unfortunately, the truth is that sticking to one type of exercise means that you are going to hit a wall pretty quickly. Your body finds it easier every time and therefore doesn’t need to improve its performance.

So you go online and go to Indoor Ellipticals or somewhere to get another piece of home gym equipment. Now you’ve got two machines to work out on. Things are getting better. You learn to mix up the intensity of your workout, using the machines with higher resistance settings, switching them down to lower ones for a breather and then ramping it up again. By this point you are starting to get fit. You’ve got your first step on the ladder.

To pull yourself up the ladder you’re going to need some upper body strength. It’s time you fitted a pull-up bar and added pull-ups to your routine. Get some dumbbells and try to incorporate them into your workout. Do some bicep curls on the exercise bike. Even better, do them on the elliptical trainer. This will do wonders for your balance and coordination.

Now, something I should have mentioned – doing all this exercise, working on your cardio and building strength is great, but it comes with risks of minor exercise injuries which can set you back. In order to prevent such injuries, you need to work on your suppleness. How do you do that? Most people do it by stretching. See if you can find some videos on YouTube to help you learn to stretch properly. Pay attention to your breathing. You need to make sure you stretch your hamstrings, quads, calves, piriformis, lower back, abs and shoulders. Make this a fixed part of your workout to stave off injuries.

Now that you’ve got your home workout down, it’s probably starting to get easier. That’s not an entirely good thing, though. As soon as an exercise routine starts to feel easy, it means it’s no longer challenging for your body, so it gives you fewer benefits. You may need some outside motivation to help you push on.

At this point you could consider doing some sports for your cardio and joining a weights gym. A few games of squash on an evening really get your heart pumping and the sweat dripping. You should never try to lift heavy weights without warming up your body first. A for the weights gym, you’ll need someone to spot you. Plenty of deadlifters have ended up dead by being unable to stop the weight bar from falling on their neck and suffocating them, as there was nobody there to help. Plus, a lifting partner can motivate you. You might want to get involved in competitions which can also serve as an inspiration to stay strong and healthy.
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Easy ways to start exercising

Easy ways to start exercising

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How many times have you promised yourself that you’ll start to do regular exercise? Have you started to exercise regularly, joined a gym or taken up a sport only to start missing sessions and eventually give up on it completely? Sometimes it’s just too easy to say no to exercise, especially if work and family life are tiring you out. If that’s your case, it doesn’t mean to say that there’s no hope for you. You just have to win the psychological battle first.

If your problem is that it’s just too cold/rainy/hot to go outside for a run, or perhaps you’re shy to be seen by the neighbours, or just that you want to see what happens next on your favourite soap opera, or even that the sofa looks too comfortable, then there’s good news. You don’t have to go outside to brave the elements or the beady eyes of your neighbours – you can exercise at home.

With the aid of a mat, some dumbbells and a Swiss ball you can give yourself a pretty good workout. If you don’t really know what you’re doing, have a DVD that you can throw on and simply follow the instructions. The key to success here is to make an exercise schedule and have your gear on hand. That means have it in the same room as you usually hide away in when it’s exercise time. If you have to get up off the sofa, go upstairs, unpack your exercise gear, bring it downstairs and lay it all out ready before you can start, you might consider the whole task too daunting to even attempt and therefore decide it would be a better idea to close your eyes and see what happens then. If your kit is right next to you, it’s kind of taunting you, prodding and nudging and asking for your attention. In that case it’s easier to just lay the mat out, do your stretches and get to work. After your workout, you should, of course, take a shower, but being the lazy thing you are, if you want to fall straight back onto the couch, you can.

One thing about this home workout is that it doesn’t really give you a chance to get much cardio in. That’s why you should buy a machine to help you work on this. Treadmills and exercise bikes are popular, as are rowers and elliptical trainers. I favour elliptical trainers for giving you a full workout with minimal impact on the joints. You can find out more for yourself on the Indoor Ellipticals site.

For some people, especially those who don’t own their own homes, creating a mini-gym is not an option, so we’re back to the question of how to motivate yourself to get up off your backside and out of the house to do some exercise. Sometimes all it takes is that – to stand up. Go out and start walking. If you feel you can, break into a jog and even a run. Don’t beat yourself up if you can’t – you are at least walking and a brisk walk for thirty minutes is much better than sitting on the sofa.

If you want to get out and do something really active, take up a sport with other people. It’s much more difficult to decide against exercise if you know that someone is relying on you to pick them up or to take some kit for them. Make it competitive, too, to give you more of an incentive to do it. You can even bet on yourself to achieve certain goals. Do a sport that excites you – five a side football and hockey give you a great work out, but if you find kicking a ball around to be ridiculous but you love swords, then fencing involves plenty of energy, too.

Don’t wallow in misery, resigning yourself to a life of XXL clothing and crushing people in the seat next to you on the plane or one the bus, get up and do something about it. You’ll find the first time is the hardest. It will get easier and you will feel the buzz from exercising.
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