Cleaning your laser engraving machine to ensure optimum performance

Cleaning your laser engraving machine to ensure optimum performance

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Cleaning your laser engraving machine to ensure optimum performance

No matter how well you operate your device, a lack of preventive maintenance means that your laser engraving machine could have some problems in the future.

What are some signs that the device needs maintenance work?

Preventative maintenance is something that needs to be done regularly. However, few may understand what preventative maintenance actually is and thus it is overlooked. It involves the cleaning of the machine and it is important to keep the machine operating at top efficiency and productivity levels. The machine needs to be cleaned. As it can affect the performance of the machine it is, therefore, necessary to undertake.As a result, the laser won’t cut nearly as well, requiring lower speeds or higher power, to cut. It also will not engrave as expected with results being uneven and possibly blurry.

How to carry out preventive maintenance on a laser engraving device

Two of the most common areas that are overlooked when carrying out preventative maintenance is the cleaning of the machines system and the optics. To carry out cleaning safely it is important to ensure that the machine is turned off and unplugged.

Then you can open the top door of the machine to remove any dirt inside with a vacuum cleaner. The rest of the machine can be kept clean by using lens cleaner fluid and lens paper. Using alcohol or soap solutions with paper towels may damage the machine.

A visual inspection of the optics should be done daily. This includes checking the mirrors, beam windowandfocus lens. If the optics area is not dirty then you should avoid cleaning it as excessive cleaning can damage the optics.

It is important to note that after any type of maintenance or cleaning is done to a devices optics it is important that they are returned to the OEM specifications. If this is not done it could result in the optics being out of spec which will affect performance and optics life.

Ifmaintenancework is not carried out it could result in the machine becoming damaged:

When maintenance is overlooked it can result in the machine breaking down or becoming damaged permanently. This will result in disruption time and will affect work schedules or deadlines.

For example, as the top lens and mirror are located right above the laser beam which means they are exposed to a lot of dirt, fumes, smokeanddebris. If the lens does get dirty it will not only make the machine look neglected but it could affect performance. The dirt on the optics could catch fire and melt the optics thus permanently damaging it.

How often should preventive maintenance work be carried out?

It is recommended to check the optics daily and clean it if necessary after every 8 hours of operation.Cleaning the machine will only take up 5 minutes of your time.

These aresimple ways but effective ways to keep your laser equipment working longer and performing better.If you are interested in purchasing a laser machine then check outLaser Engraving Machines & Etching Systems Needham Coding.