Hot or Cold: Which Beverages Do You Prefer?

Hot or Cold: Which Beverages Do You Prefer?

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Hot or Cold Which BeveragesThis is a debate that might go on for years and years, but the entire “hot vs. Cold” thing is a very interesting topic. Some people in the world prefer cold drinks, while others prefer ones that are warm – but what exactly makes them do so? At any rate, you’re going to have a favorite drink one way or another. You may have grown up drinking it, or just recently tried it and decided that it was way too amazing to refuse. It’s doesn’t really matter why you happen to love a drink, because all we’re focusing on is what kind of drink you happen to love. Some people will say they prefer coffee or hot chocolate, while others will claim that they favor an ice cold beer – but what makes them think about all of their choices? Wouldn’t they be hard-pressed to just refuse any other kind of drink? I was determined to figure out why some people preferred hot drinks over cold (or the other way around, whatever floats your boat!), and the answers I came up with are pretty intriguing.

If you’ve ever pondered this question for yourself, give it a shot. Which type of beverage do you truly prefer? If you only had one drink that you could indulge in for the rest of your life, what would it be? Some people would automatically shout out “beer!”, while others took a while to think about their answers – this article is going to look at some of the information I was able to get out of them. I’m not going to tell you my personal favorite, as that’s going to be a mystery for years and years to come (well, maybe not years, but I’m not telling you now!).

Cold Beverages

Cold BeveragesIt turns out that most people who enjoyed cold beverages were either sports fans, or just lived in really hot climates. I went down to Texas the other week with my girlfriend, we were just heading out to see a local college football game (the Texas Longhorns are her favorite team, so you go guys!) – until I realized this would be the perfect place to conduct a little bit of research. I took it upon myself to bring a pen and pad of paper, just in case I need to record some results, so that was a blessing on my behalf. It turns out that most of the people I had asked in Texas preferred cold beverages, they varied all the way from ice cold water down to vodka (one guy said he loves drinking his own sweat, I couldn’t tell if he was joking or not, so I still took it upon myself to mark it down).

In the end, most of the people in the hot climate of Texas were leaning towards cold drinks – which is exactly what my hunch was assuming.

Hot Beverages

Hot BeveragesWe took a two-week trip over to Canada during their winter, and I honestly haven’t experienced a frost like that in a very long time (if ever at all). I already knew that nobody was going to claim they loved ice cold drinks, but I was pleasantly surprised. Many people told me that they needed their espresso on daily basis (which reminds me here’s a nice list of coffee grinders you could take a look at – it might help you during those frosty winter nights), and others said that they simple enjoyed a nice cup of hot cocoa whenever they can. A few people were in the minority, and still claimed that they loved an ice cold soda and such, even if the winters were as cold as can be.

It looks as if where you live plays a major role in what type of drinks you enjoy, because the climate is going to call for different situations. If you live in a place that’s rather hot, drinking a hot beverage and adding to your temperature isn’t going to be ideal; that’s exactly why people who live in cold climates prefer hot beverages. loss medication
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