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How to Save Money on Self Storage Units

How to Save Money on Self Storage Units

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There are various ways that you can save money as a business. One of the biggest items that take up a lot of your budget is storage space. The need for more storage means you have to always look for ways to access more.

If you are running a tight budget, you need to try self-storage. Here are the benefits of using this in your business.

Store Only the Relevant Items

You dont want to pay for a self-storage unit and turn it into a garbage bin, do you? Carefully list the items that you have and choose the ones that you want to keep, and then discard the ones that you dont want to keep. The extra items are ideal for a garage sale or charity. This gives you more space in the storage unit.

Be On the Lookout for Discounts

Self-storage is a niche where the businesses compete for clients through rigorous advertising and promotion. Whether you need to store the items for just a few weeks or months, you can ask for special offers or discounts. This helps you enjoy a lower rate for long, or get more space for your cash.


With thousands of storage facilities nationwide, you find that the companies are looking for your business. This makes it easy for you to get a lower price, that is if you care to negotiate. Make sure you talk to the provider and ask for a lower rate, which is possible especially for loyal customers.

Choose the Right Container Size

Many people waste space when they choose a size that is too big or too small for their needs. If you have many items, then choose a unit that is bigger than what you want, so that you get space to move around as well as extra space when the need arises.

Some users take several smaller units, which becomes expensive in the long run. The best option is to opt for a larger container that can hold all your items. After you get one, the next step is to use packing materials that secure the items so that they dont break, especially if you are storing fragile items.

Choose an All-inclusive Package

Self-storage units, with the aim of making sure you get your items safely to and from the unit, offer other services such as packing, loading, unloading, transport more. To save on all these services, opt for an all-inclusive package that allows you to use the services offered by the storage provider. Using the package allows you to enjoy discounts that you never thought possible. For those living inBlacksburg, Radford, Christiansburg self storageservices are available for your needs, call in to inquire about the prices and place an order.

The Conclusion

As a small business, you need to take measures to make sure you save money for other core business tasks. One way is to save money on self-storage units. Go for units that fit your items, and choose an all-inclusive package to enjoy discounts.

Understanding LEGO Collectibles

Understanding LEGO Collectibles

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Thousands of LEGO fans are going for LEGO-themed fairs to meet and play in areas filled with millions of LEGO bricks of all colors and themes.

As they play, most are on the lookout for LEGO bricks that they can collect. LEGO collectibles are loved by collectors all over the world. The need for collecting the LEGO bricks is to cash out on them a few years down the line, or more commonly, to keep them as memoirs. It is always a good thing to see your kid play with LEGO bricks that you collected a few years ago. Some collect for the fun of it!

Most of these sets have some monetary value, much more than the original price of the brick. Bought for a few hundred dollars, these bricks end up changing hands for thousands of dollars. You can start your hobby at LEGO Ways.

The growing interest in this hobby is also due to the increasing number of adult fans. Fans are now looking to outdo each other with the number of bricks they have and how they make use of them. This is why you can now get a secondary market of adult LEGO lovers looking for coveted sets and LEGO mini-figures.

Who is Collecting?

You might wonder who the collectors of the LEGO bricks are. Well, you will not get surprised that they range from ages and location. Many people have joined a LEGO community whereby they can talk about LEGO bricks and buy a few. The community provides a price guide and allows the buyers to review the bricks before they make a decision.

The forum members talk about each and everything right from the prices to the types of bricks that are collectible.

Collecting is not limited to the men alone, but also the women who are now jumping right into the fray. Ties have led to the launch of a female LEGO forum that is geared towards the females. All markets are also involved, ranging from the US to Europe and Asia.

The Appeal of Collecting LEGO Designs

If you thought that it is a small hobby, then you are mistaken. LEGO collection has taken center stage in many peoples lives. Many are leaving their jobs to focus on LEGO collection and how to find new ways to play with the bricks. Building LEGO collections is a hobby that you cannot let pass you, with many users selling their creations at thousands of dollars, literally making a living out of the hobby.

Many have come up with touring exhibitions that attract millions of LEGO enthusiasts across the continent.

The good thing is that these bricks come with a sense of timelessness to them. The bricks you had as a kid will snap together beautifully with the bricks that you buy now. You can easily use them to make the magical effect that only LEGO can deliver.

Highly Coveted

Many collectors have started to notice that LEGO toys are bringing a lot of interest to many people. They have also noticed that there are a few bricks that are sought after by many people.

Some of the toys that trended for a few dollars now go for hundreds of dollars on the market. A few that retailed at less than 100 dollars now go for more than 1000 dollars.

This shows one thing the LEGO sets appreciate in value, and they take a few years to peak in value. The time the sets take to increase in value runs from 2 years or more. Some of the best sets that you need to consider include; Star Wars sets, which can increase in value at any time. This is because of the star wars craze that has swept the world. Others that can make you money in the future are superhero sets as well.

For the best prices, make sure the sets are in mint condition and come in sealed boxes. Large sets peak faster than small ones.

Final Thoughts

You have to know what kind of sets to buy so that you have a collection that will give you returns later on. Take time to understand the prices and the sets that are in high demand.

How to Plan Your Dream Wedding on a Budget

How to Plan Your Dream Wedding on a Budget

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Got a wedding to plan? With the cost of weddings continuing to climb, brides-to-be are always searching for tips on how to save money. But, if you thought planning a wedding on a budget means sacrificing quality or style, think again! Here are some thrifty tips on how create the day of your dreams for less!

Determine your budget

All wedding planning has to begin with setting a realistic budget. Sit down with your partner to discuss how much you want to spend on your big day. Take your savings and pre-existing debt into account. How important is a big, fancy wedding to you as a couple? Discuss what you really want for your wedding and come up with a budget which fits in with your goals. If your family have offered to pay for something, decide what you should put the money to. Ideally, you don’t want to have to go into debt to pay for your wedding, so think carefully before you opt to pay for any part of your wedding with credit.

Curtail your guest list

When you’re looking to save money on your wedding, limiting your guest list is the best place to start. Opting for a smaller wedding can make it a more intimate and special affair for you and your guests. Consider inviting just your closest family members and dearest friends. Having a shorter guest list also automatically slashes the overall amount you’ll need to spend on catering services.

Get a great wedding photographer

When it comes to being thrifty with your wedding budget, the photography isn’t something you want to skimp on. High-quality, professional wedding photographs are a must. They’re something you and your friends and family can look back on fondly for years to come. Hiring a professional wedding photographer is certainly worth the investment. If you’re looking for a skilled wedding photographer, check out the work of Blue Bend Photography: – have a look.

Be creative with your venue

If you’re planning a summer wedding, holding it outdoors is a reasonable option. Outdoor weddings are usually cheaper. There are numerous locations to choose from including: parks, gardens, beaches, mountains, lakes, and greens. While many outdoor locations will be free for you to use, others may require you to pay for a permit, which you’ll have to do research into. The other great money-saving benefit of outdoor wedding locations is that they require very little decoration! If you have enough room, you could even throw your wedding in your own home.
Alternately, if you have your heart set on an indoor venue which turns out to be quite pricey, consider changing the month of your wedding. Since summer weddings are most desirable, venues and other wedding vendors put up their costs during this season. A spring, fall, or winter wedding can bring the cost down drastically. You can go even further and hold your wedding on a Friday or Sunday — or even a weekday — rather than a Saturday, which is always most expensive day.

Simplifythe menu

When it comes to planning the menu for your wedding reception, think simple. Extravagant and complex meals are bound to cost more, and are also unnecessary when cheaper, simple food can be just as delicious and filling. Ideally, a three-course meal is enough for guests (no one really needs more food than that). Since you already have a substantial wedding cake, it makes sense to serve this up as dessert. You may also want to budget for hors d’oeuvres to keep guests satisfied before the main meal. Limit the selection to just a few options to keep the cost down.
Put the above simple tips into practice, and you’ll find it easy to stay within budget while planning your wedding. As you make the decisions regarding what to include and what not to include on your big day, keep in mind what’s really important to you. Remember you wedding is just one day — a very special one, granted. But it’s your marriage that lasts a lifetime. Ultimately, it’s more important that you and your husband are there together to make your love official — think of everything else as a nice bonus!
Dealing With Back Pain in Wheelchair Users

Dealing With Back Pain in Wheelchair Users

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Similar to sitting in a normal chair for long periods of time, using a wheelchair for extended users leads to the development of back pain. Human bodies arent designed to remain in a seated position for long periods of time because this leads to the development of back pain issues.

Many wheelchair users think that just because they use wheelchairs on daily basis, it is amust that they suffer from neck and back pain. This isnt true. With proper postural procedures and placing close attention to the skeleton, we can avoid the many musculoskeletal problems that occur in wheelchair users.

How Does Back and Neck Pain Develop in This Group?

The purpose of the wheelchair is to help the user move around more easily. However, many people forget something else about the wheelchair it is also used for stability and as a substitution for missing or weak muscles when sitting or performing an activity.

For most people, slumping back in the wheelchair and sliding the buttocks forward in the seat helps you be comfortable, but it leads to the development of pain problems. The kind of wheelchair you choose also helps or make the problem of back pain worse.

The conventional wheelchair that is available for many users comes with a backrest that rarely goes beyond the upper back with a 90-degree backrest angle. This results in the buttocks sliding forward and the neck of the user to move forward. Proper posture isnt possible when the wheelchair has this configuration.

Users have found a way to increase the stability of the chair by reclining the backrest or tilting the chair backwards in space. This helps put the lower back against the backrest, but it also pushes the neck forward which puts a lot of strain on the neck muscles, leading to neck pain.

Why You Need an Adjustable Back Rest

When it comes to proper posture, whether you are standing or sitting, you need to maintain proper spinal curves. Maintaining the normal spinal curve involves less muscle strength and activity. With the muscles working less, pain and fatigue reduce.

This is why you need an adjustable backrest for your wheelchair. Keeping the back seat angle at 90 degrees and lowering the height of the backrest just below the upper back, and the bottom of the backrest providing support to the lumbar region provides the optimum position for utmost comfort.

This also works for electric wheelchair users. Make sure you set up the chair to allow normal spinal curve. You also need to support the lower back at all times.

Avoid Bad Postural Habits

You need to avoid poor posture habits while performing some activities such as keyboard positioning and more. Make sure you follow best practices when working.

For high wheelchairs, you can use accessories to achieve the proper spinal arch. For instance, check out get these pillows for proper neck support.

Final Thoughts

Take time to get the right wheelchair for your needs, possibly one with an adjustable backrest. Follow the tips in this article to improve comfort as well as avoid back pain.

How Restaurant Owners Can Use Instagram

How Restaurant Owners Can Use Instagram

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Food is an essential part of every human being. Proper dining spots, good food and exciting drinking places are among the top concerns the world over. People love to read what other people are eating and drinking, where to find good food and services. Instagram as a visual site encourages members to take photos and short video clips to share them with others.

Restaurants can use this platform for different marketing objectives, because many people love taking pictures when eating, having a drink or celebrating. This kind of user-generated advertising is free and effective. But how can you leverage this kind of marketing in your restaurant?

Take Photos of All Aspects of Your Restaurants Operation

Take numerous photos of desserts, entrees, appetizers, the staff members, ambience and what happens behind the scenes. You can take photos of the staff as they serve your customers, and videos of the food preparation process. Make sure to include brief captions on each post to ask for feedback or to add more information regarding the photos.

Have Signature Beverages

Instagram makes the perfect platform to share images quickly because it doesnt involve copy. All you need to do is to take photos of the best drinks from your bar and encourage the customers to try them out. Describe the drinks in short videos and use images to tell the buyer why they should visit the restaurant to try out the specials.

Quality Is Everything

When it comes to taking the perfect shots, timing is usually everything. However, when it comes to images for Instagram, quality comes first. You need to take crystal clear shots that will add value to your Instagram marketing efforts. Clear pictures are vital because they make it easy for you to communicate an idea.

Hold a Contest

You can encourage your customers to take photos while in the restaurant and post them, awarding the customer who comes up with the best caption. An award can range from a meal coupon to a free meal. The more photos that are taken, the more business you are likely to take.

You can have an award depending on the creativity, quality of the photo and any other criteria you see fit. Campaigns and contests are some of the top ways to encourage sharing of your photos.

With thousands of photos getting shared comes the problem of handling the views, likes and comments. You need the best automation program for this site, and you can get one from

Share with Other Sites

Dont just leave the photos on Instagram; take time to find other sites and forums that you can share the images on. The best sites to do this would be social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Such sites help generate traffic to your website easily, leading to more customers.

In Conclusion

You can build your restaurant the right way using Instagram. Restaurants can take advantage of the visual nature of Instagram to get more customers and build a brand.

Food Labeling and Industrial Ink

Food Labeling and Industrial Ink

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There is a lot of the production industry and consumer goods sector. With thousands of products on the market being produced every single day, there is a whole host of requirements for the packaging and labeling that they come in. This is one of the primary reasons why industrial&CIJ ink is such an integral part of this process and an exciting one. Each industry under the consumer goods umbrella has its specific requirements when it comes to food grade labelling and ink. These requirements also mean different methods of manufacturing and processes that companies have to integrate.

When it comes to the food and beverage sector, it’s no surprise that safety is paramount and the most critical aspect that’s heavily controlled. This is because strict rules need to be implemented to avoid contamination of the food. When it comes to ink, steps have to be taken to make sure it can’t be transferred from the packaging to the food itself. The FDA has to approve all ink that is used within the food industry this is called determining it to be food grade.

Food Safety and Migration

The transference of ink onto food is called migration. This particular area of food safety is essential and kept under control using a variety of methods. Let’s look at some aspects of the ink and packaging itself that need to be a certain way to avoid this:

  • Dry tone
  • The manufacturing of the food safety labels
  • The different options when it comes to coating
  • Temperature: migration has a higher chance of happening in warmer temperatures
  • The consistency of the food itself. When food is drier, it has a lower risk of being contaminated by migrated ink.

Dry tone comes out on top when it comes to reliability and safety. One of the primary reasons for this is because dry tone has an ingredient that makes it impossible to migrate. This is called pigment. Because no liquids are involved in the making of dry tone, there is no risk of migration.

In contrast, a liquid toner has a high risk of being transferred to the edible product, which makes it unsuitable to be used in this industry.

Industrial inkjet printing that is water based doesn’t have a high chance of being susceptible to migration. However, it is one of the most expensive inks to use with packaging, because of the primers involved. For this reason, it’s not a popular choice, even though it has a low risk of migration.

Another thing to think about when producing a product is the quality of the label and imaging. The higher the quality, the more aesthetically pleasing it is to the customer, which will increase their chances of buying it.

Overall, this means that the process of labeling food must be efficient, but thorough so that the result is of high quality. The customer is attracted to products they find visually pleasing, so along with safety, this is another top priority when making food labels.

Using Instagram Automation The Right Way

Using Instagram Automation The Right Way

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Instagram is one of the fastest growing networks today boasting of over 8 million business accounts and bringing together over 800 million users on a single platform. This social network presents your businesses with a feasible and convenient marketing platform especially for those brands that seek to reach a wider targeted audience, engage the users and drive traffic to their websites.

True and in a unique manner, Instagram also boasts of 6 out of 10 of its users falling between the ages of 18 years and 20 years, a statistic that businesses can use to their advantage. Armed with this statistic, businesses can engage and market their products and services to an ever-growing base of young consumers worldwide.

However, succeeding on Instagram as a business requires more than just coming up with posts regarding the brand and products. Long-term Instagram success is a product of a combination of visual media and the implementation of effective interaction with this community. Let us explore the major strategies to use to make an Instagram marketing plan more successful.

Become Visible By Using the Right Hashtags

Instagram makes use of hashtags to increase engagement with users and connect you with more followers. For you to get something out of hashtags, make sure you craft them in such a way that users can easily discover your content, read it and remember you. While at it, you need to put in mind that the main goal of using hashtags is to make sure you access more users and connect with them.

Use Social Sharing to Widen Your Reach

This platform allows you to share your content and media with other networks seamlessly. You can connect to Facebook, Flicker, Tumblr, Twitter, and Swarm. With this nifty little capability, you can automatically share all the media you post across these networks and get your brand message to more people without making other posts. This helps you leverage the power of social media faster and more conveniently than ever before.

Make use of the IFTTT feature to access users beyond Instagram. With the right message, you are sure to attract more people to your Instagram page.

Automate Your Tasks for Faster results

One of the best ways to gain more followers and grow your brand on Instagram is through following other relevant users and commenting or liking their posts. You can do this the manual or automated way.

You must have heard of Instagress, or even used it in your quest for Instagram prowess. After using the tool for automation, it was taken down by Instagram, leaving many people wondering what to do next. However, as detailed on, the automation didnt die with the shutdown of Instagress, the struggle for automation continues with better tools. Automation makes it easy for you to follow, like and comment on other people posts, therefore building your brand faster.


Automation is good, but you need to use the tools responsibly. Dont be too aggressive or you risk losing your account. Start by understanding your audience and coming up with the right hashtags before you can apply automation.

Different Uses for Chainsaws

Different Uses for Chainsaws

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Chainsaws have been around since the late 1920s, and in that, almost, 100 years, people have discovered so many different uses for chainsaws. Back then, people who used chainsaws were known as sawyers. Chainsaws are used by so many different types of people like homeowners, firefighters, and construction workers. When most people think of people using chainsaws, the image of the quintessential lumberjack comes to mind, but it can do so much more than that. Cutting wood is just the beginning of what a chainsaw can do, and has the potential to do.

Uses on Wood

The cutting down of a tree is quite a precise science, that has stages, that requires different size chainsaw blades, and a different cutting technique for each stage. Here are the different types of cutting that chainsaws are used for.

  • Tree felling is the cutting down of the entire tree at once. When you use a chainsaw to do this, it would be considered hand felling. Felling trees is done by loggers and it can be one of the most dangerous jobs in the world, depending on the location. This is a precise type of cutting that requires experience in order to understand what cuts are necessary to fall a tree where you want it to fall.
  • Limbing is another cutting process that can be done by a chainsaw. This is when you remove the branches from a tree that has been taken down. This helps to clean up the tree for the next stage, and type of cuts, in the logging and milling process.
  • Bucking is one of the more precise types of cutting. Some orders require a certain length and width of cut. Also, certain uses may require certain wood to be cut to specific measurements. Bucking is the cutting of the delimbed tree into log sections.
  • Pruning is the cleaning up of trees that are not going to taken down. This is accomplished just like you would to a bush or topiary. This type of cutting can be done for decorative reasons or for reasons like the removal of dead tree limbs from around power lines.
  • Chainsaws can, also, be used to cut firebreaks. Firebreaks are gaps in vegetation in order to reduce fuel for a raging fire and in turn these breaks slow down wild fires. Firefighters have more uses for chainsaws than you thought, huh?

Concrete, Metal, and Much More

Special chainsaws have been developed to cut all different types of materials to meet the needs of various demands such as concrete, metal pipes, and brick. This tool allows for the customization of many different types of building materials. These saws are used by firefighters to cut into buildings during emergencies. These types of chainsaws are designed with special design characteristics that allows them to cut such hard materials.

These special saws have two very important characteristics that makes this possible:

  • Diamonds are one of the hardest things on the planet. Chainsaws that cut things like brick and concrete have diamond pieces embedded in the blade to allow it to cut much harder materials.
  • These special, heavy duty saws are water lubricated. The heat that is generated is immense and the water keeps the saw and material from getting to hot. This lubrication process with water also keeps the saw from creating any dust. Inhalation is a non-factor with such machines.

Saws like these are more geared towards the professional user but when used properly, they can benefit anyone.

Chainsaws used for Art?

Where there is a will, theres a way, as the saying goes. Human creativity has a will of its own and it knows no bounds, not even with power tools. People have figured out a way to use chainsaws to create jaw-dropping carvings and pieces of art. They have created sculptures out of such materials as wood and ice. This artform shows how powerful can be beautiful at the same time. Sculptures of all shapes and sizes have been imagined and created by sculptors around the world.

There was enough popularity in the United States, and the world, to bolster competition. Every year in Wisconsin, sculptors from all over the world gather to show off and dazzle the judges and the patrons with their art. This competition is known as the Chainsaw Sculpture Championships.

In Summary

Regardless of whether you are a landscaper, firefighter, or a homeowner and you are cutting metal, brick, or concrete, the most important decision you have to make is blade length. Different size blades are more suited to certain jobs depending on that size. If you use the wrong size blade for what you need to get done, you can cause damage to you or what you are cutting. will help you make sure you are choosing the right size for the job.

Customize Materials With Different Laser Marking Machines

You may already know about laser marking technology. Of course, that is natural because it is quite the trend these days. Perhaps you may want to buy a laser marking machine, but you are unsure of which type you should buy. Well, different industries have varying needs. You have to know about the types of laser marking, to find out which one you need.

The Laser Marking Technology

In general, laser marking works by firing a low-temperature, focused beam of light to carve designs onto a material surface. Unlike both laser engraving and laser etching, laser marking causes no damage to the material’s surface, thanks to its low power. The result is a discoloration that is caused by oxidation of the material.

From reading that description, you should be able to infer that the process is quick and takes no difficulty. Also, laser marking is quite versatile because you can use different materials for marking, and it still gets the job done. Moreover, the machines provide permanent marks with excellent quality. Furthermore, laser marking tools include a computer-assisted interface that allows you to program the design to be embedded. Lastly, laser marking machines require only minimal maintenance.

Purchasing Laser Marking Machines

You can find laser marking instruments in your area, or you may shop online. These are quite common now, so you will not have trouble finding one. If you need a versatile laser marking tool, then check out the Minilase XL Desktop Laser Marking Machine. The model is useful for various industries.

Types of Laser Marking Technologies

There are four types of laser marking technologies, namely annealing, carbon migration, coloration, and foaming. Obviously, each type has a different functionality than the other. Furthermore, each one offers you different results. You may read their descriptions and functions, then decide on which type of laser marking you need.


Annealing laser marking is the oxidation by applying heat to a surface material. Of course, the heat has a low amount of aggression. The process results in a defined, black mark that has a characteristic smoothness. However, you can vary the temperature at the metal’s surface. Doing so will give you different shades of green, red or yellow.

The process of annealing can be quite slow because it relies only on heat for oxidation. Also, cooling is required after you heat the metal. The types of metals usable for annealing are iron, stainless steel, steel, and titanium. Lastly, annealing is quite common in the medical industry for branding and internal tracking purposes.

Carbon Migration

Carbon migration laser marking also heats a metal or metal alloy, to cause it to bond chemically with the carbon it contains. The chemical bonds with carbon molecules bring its properties to the material’s surface. You will see a soot-like marking, which can be dark to black.

The advantage of carbon migration is the faster process thanks to the high-powered heat it uses. Of course, it is more concentrated, so it heats only a small area at a time. The glaring disadvantage when it comes to carbon migration is that it is only useful for metals with carbon. Examples of carbon containing metals are carbide, stainless steel, steel, and titanium. Lastly, carbon migration works best for aerospace, jewelry-engraving, and metalworking industries.


Coloring metals or plastics work by heating specific parts of a material’s surface, for a certain amount of time. Different colors and shades result through controlling the pulse frequency and width of the surface. For plastic coloration, manipulating polymers in the plastic material results to visible colors. On the other hand, metal coloration works by oxidation of previously treated or untreated surfaces. Overall, you can use coloration for decorative applications such as color coatings, decorative jewelry, and marking colors.


Foam laser marking is useful for creating light colors on darker-colored plastics. The color changes result through controlled and contained molten burns on the plastic surface. When the surface melts, foaming gas bubbles will form. Then, such bubbles will change the light refraction properties of the plastic. Overall, foaming is great if you want to provide lettering, light color effects, and symbols for plastic products.


The different types of laser marking technologies each come with their applications and expected results. For example, if you want to mark metals in general, then go for annealing. Carbon migration works best for carbon-containing metals. Also, if you work in the plastic industry, then foaming may come in handy. Lastly, coloration is ideal for decorative purposes.

Industrial Inks – How to Choose the Right Coding Ink

Where the average person views printer ink as just ink for their printer, manufacturers think of ink as its application and purpose. Consumers who use inkjet printers simply look at the product number and brand to choose their printer inks.

Manufacturers are expected to know what ink to use on what surface and through what process. While industrial ink is also identified by a model number, it is also categorized into various types of ink and formulations created specifically for an application or group of applications.

Coding and marking are two of the most used processes for industrial inks. This type of ink can be used to print mandatory data like lot numbers and sell by dates on food products or for other federally regulated industries where marking and coding are imperative for meeting compliance and safety standards.

The Importance of Coding

The world is a large place with a huge population of people and a lot of industry and technology that touches everyone and everything in some way every day. The economic, legal, and health consequences that would occur if marking and coding were left out of the equation, are astronomic to say the least.

Imagine a grocery store selling a carton of milk with no expiration date or an expiration date that faded or somehow got worn off. An unwitting consumer who needs milk is likely to buy it, use it, and if it’s spoiled, it could cause serious illness. You can see why marking and coding on grocery items is crucial to health.

What if someone buys a faulty product that causes an unnecessary death, like a bad automotive part? If there was no data related to where and when it was manufactured and a recall was issued, but no one knew it, that would create lawsuits by the dozens. Marking parts is imperative to health and the economy.

A business could lose everything and close its doors if marking didn’t exist. As more businesses close, the economy fails, which affects everyone. You’ve seen places where factories that employs hundreds of workers go out of business and result in the economic failure of that community.

The negative implications are beyond the imagination if there were no regulations for marking and identifying products.

Choosing the Right Ink is Essential

Ink manufacturers understand the importance of choosing the right industrial ink for the job. With all the regulations and restrictions in virtually every industry on the planet, it’s imperative for manufacturers to choose the proper inks for their applications.

One of the essential elements of choosing industrial inks is knowing it will comply with regulations that require the ink to endure and maintain its legibility from its inception until its disposal. That ink must have the proper viscosity and formulation for printing on various substrates such as cardboard, plastic, paper, metal, and other materials in order to comply with such regulations.

It’s important to pick the industrial inks that are compatible with your CIJ, thermal, or DOD systems and components. Most new technology is based and built off the old technology, so beyond improving performance and creating more Eco-friendly machines, not much changes in these systems.

A good rule to follow is to invest in the highest quality industrial inks you can find because this isn’t an area of your business where cutting corners is a good idea.