Pros and Cons of Instagram Automation

Pros and Cons of Instagram Automation

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Social Media has become the advertising paradise for most marketers today. Different platforms offer different perks, however, Instagrams high levels of engagement and ability to generate sales make it more popular. With competition on the rise, different brands are seeking to increase their share of the pie by working day and night to increase their following and build lasting and productive relationships. However, lack of enough time to monitor and run the social media accounts have lured most marketers into automation. Most of their accounts are now run by bots that auto-comment, auto-like, and even auto-follow and unfollow other users. Whereas some bots may bring new followers, others may get your account flagged or even suspended. In this article, we look at the pros and cons of Instagram automation.

The Pros

Automation allows you to focus on other tasks. Considering that consistency is key to becoming successful on Instagram, you still have other tasks to complete making it hard to manage your account 24/7. Bots come in handy to interact with other users on your behalf by auto-liking or following users in the same niche as yours. This way you can focus on other aspects of your business while the bots grow your brand on Instagram.

While you may tire easily doing the same things over and over again, bots never get tired. All you need is to program the bot when and what to comment, like a post, or post on your behalf. In simple terms, bots make it easy, fast, and effortless to remain active on Instagram without the need to spend hours on your followers feed each day.

Bots can extend your reach, making it possible to discover potential customers. They achieve this by searching and following users in your niche and also by following back new users that follow you. Rather than spend hours searching for your ideal customers manually, bots can do it for you automatically and in less time.


Authentic engagement is the basis for creating and building positive interactions on Instagram. Sadly, bots do not provide genuine engagement.Fred Harrington has saidit time and again that Instagram bots increase the risk of your account getting suspended, especially if they are auto-commenting bots. That is because they lack consciousness and will leave awkward comments that can evoke ill will between you and other users.

Another downside to using Instagram bots is that they cannot entirely replace organic interaction. In most cases, other users can clearly see through an automated account, thus, they will hardly follow you or even show any interest in your brand.

Finally, by using some of these bots, you will be violating Instagrams policy guidelines. That is why Instagram has updated its terms of use to crack down on third-party apps that are violating the applications policy guidelines.