Tips For Flirting For Women

Tips For Flirting For Women

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Tips For Flirting For Women

As a human, you will always be tempted to flirt with someone that you are attracted to. How do you make someone notice you without appearing needy? It even gets more difficult when you are a woman. Society gives men a free pass to flirt but sometimes view women who flirt as being slutty. Flirting is not only for men because men can as well master the process and achieve their goals. You can flirt for fun or you may aim at creating a long term relationship. Understanding what is expected of you and some of the mistakes to avoid is thus important.

Improve your body language

You can flirt without altering a word and still pass the message. Some of the important aspects include your smile and eye contact. You need to make eye contact with a person that you intend to flirt with. Let your eyes meet and let him know that someone is watching him. You can then smile and wait for the reaction. An equally interested person will as well exchange glances with you and smile back. You can learn a lot from the body language of the person you are eyeing to determine whether you should take the next steps or not.

Work on your fashion game

Most men will not be interested in women that do not know how to dress. You should differentiate between fancy dressing and dressing decently. The best outfits are those that show your best features. You must dress for the occasion. Have some outfits that you can wear when attending official setups and those for casual occasions. The perfume that you wear will also determine whether you will attract or repel potential suitors. Exploring different types of scents from makes it easy to land at one that suits your needs.

Initiate conversations

You can either decide to hold physical conversations or chat through your phone. If you are at an event, then you have to be careful with the choice of words when you flirting with men. You can start by commenting on the theme of the event to initiate a conversation. You can then move to other topics and complement the man you are eyeing. You can talk about his outfit and observe his reaction. If you get the right cues, then you can exchange phone numbers and take it to the next level.

Be confident

You may have a figure that men will always drool for. However, you need to take your spirits up there if you want to attract the right men. Complaining so much about life will push potential suitors away. No one wants to engage with someone who is always complaining. You need to appreciate some of the gifts that the world has to offer to receive even more. It is important to note that there is a difference between being confident and being a dictator. You need to give your man enough time to express himself.

Go to the next level

Some pointers may indicate if you should move to the next level or not. You do not need to establish a relationship with someone you are not compatible with. You need to explore some of the things that you have in common to determine if you are on the right track. It is at this point that you decide whether you can get physical or not. There are several approaches that you can use, such as a long hug or even tapping on his hand as you hold conversations. How the man responds to your advances at this point is also important.