Using Instagram Automation The Right Way

Using Instagram Automation The Right Way

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Using Instagram Automation The Right Way

Instagram is one of the fastest growing networks today boasting of over 8 million business accounts and bringing together over 800 million users on a single platform. This social network presents your businesses with a feasible and convenient marketing platform especially for those brands that seek to reach a wider targeted audience, engage the users and drive traffic to their websites.

True and in a unique manner, Instagram also boasts of 6 out of 10 of its users falling between the ages of 18 years and 20 years, a statistic that businesses can use to their advantage. Armed with this statistic, businesses can engage and market their products and services to an ever-growing base of young consumers worldwide.

However, succeeding on Instagram as a business requires more than just coming up with posts regarding the brand and products. Long-term Instagram success is a product of a combination of visual media and the implementation of effective interaction with this community. Let us explore the major strategies to use to make an Instagram marketing plan more successful.

Become Visible By Using the Right Hashtags

Instagram makes use of hashtags to increase engagement with users and connect you with more followers. For you to get something out of hashtags, make sure you craft them in such a way that users can easily discover your content, read it and remember you. While at it, you need to put in mind that the main goal of using hashtags is to make sure you access more users and connect with them.

Use Social Sharing to Widen Your Reach

This platform allows you to share your content and media with other networks seamlessly. You can connect to Facebook, Flicker, Tumblr, Twitter, and Swarm. With this nifty little capability, you can automatically share all the media you post across these networks and get your brand message to more people without making other posts. This helps you leverage the power of social media faster and more conveniently than ever before.

Make use of the IFTTT feature to access users beyond Instagram. With the right message, you are sure to attract more people to your Instagram page.

Automate Your Tasks for Faster results

One of the best ways to gain more followers and grow your brand on Instagram is through following other relevant users and commenting or liking their posts. You can do this the manual or automated way.

You must have heard of Instagress, or even used it in your quest for Instagram prowess. After using the tool for automation, it was taken down by Instagram, leaving many people wondering what to do next. However, as detailed on, the automation didnt die with the shutdown of Instagress, the struggle for automation continues with better tools. Automation makes it easy for you to follow, like and comment on other people posts, therefore building your brand faster.


Automation is good, but you need to use the tools responsibly. Dont be too aggressive or you risk losing your account. Start by understanding your audience and coming up with the right hashtags before you can apply automation.